We Are Fat

A graphical representation of the percentage of the population of various countries that have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of greater than 30. At the least the US is first in something.

Courtesy of WellingtonGrey.net

Mistake By the Lake

Congratulations to the Cleveland Browns for pulling off the coup of the 2007 NFL Draft by getting both Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn. Let’s hope they don’t suffer the fate of the rest of the Brown’s draft picks.

I am a Consultant

From Stanley Bing’s book, “100 Bullshit Jobs … and How to Get Them”, this seemed oddly appropriate…

Consultant (20 of 50)

Have gun, will travel

$$: Entry level grunts may begin in the high five and low six figures. If you’re a graduate of one of the huge consultant factories that leach humanity out of students and turn them into guns for hire–Wharton, and to a lesser extent, the somewhat squishier Stanford School of Business–you could be making an executive’s salary almost immediately.

The upside: It’s a pretty easy job, with great travel benefits, nice hotels, drinks on the companies you are soaking.

The downside: Your kids can never explain what you do to their friends.

The dark side: You are a ninja, a samurai, a lone traveler on the road to nowhere. It’s a very opulent nowhere if you’re good at it. But somewhere in your heart, you want to come in from the cold.