Just a quiet Friday night…

So here is the Friday recap:

Doepke tries to hit Schmidtty with a Corona bottle opener, misses, hits Grebey, cuts her forehead open, blood everywhere.

Doepke almost puts Waling through the wall…again.

Cavs win their first playoff series since ’93, Detroit is going down.

Schmidtty leaves Amy unguarded at the bar, Justin and Waling pull a Night at the Roxbury on her.

Cahill goes home, changes, and decides to go sleep in Doepke’s bed. Awesome.

Someone (don’t know who) splattered a banana against Doepke’s wall.

Waling buys the whole bar Panini’s with Doepke’s credit card…nice.

Even better, someone decides to take a piss next to Doepke’s TV. Note, Doepke doesn’t have a TV in his bathroom.

Everyone ready to do it again?